Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Disc Golf!

How To Play Disc Golf

Disc golf, also referred to as Frisbee Golf, folf, and frolf, is a simple and cheap sport available to all types of people from young children to seniors and beginners to professionals. The sport is very similar to golf except you use discs in place of clubs or balls. A disc golf course comprises of 9 to 18 holes that have tee boxes, baskets, and different pars. The baskets at the end of each hole would be the equivalent of the hole in golf. You keep score based on how many throws it takes you to get from the tee to the basket on each hole and should try to get the lowest possible score. Disc golf is fun and a great form of exercise for anyone no matter what your abilities or physical fitness level is.

Things you’ll need:
A disc


1. Acquire a disc
2. Learn to throw the disc in a way that is most comfortable to you.
3. Go to a disc golf course and begin playing!

Tips & Warnings:

Beginners should start with a light disc that flies straight.

You should keep the disc flat when releasing and perfect your form before adding too much power.

Try to keep the disc close to your chest and release as flat as possible.

Do not run up to throw the disc. Take a single step and release.

There are three general types of discs: a driver, a midrange, and a putter. You don’t need all three to play, but want to invest in a wider array of discs once you get the hang of the sport.

Always watch your disc after release. It is easy to lose in wooded areas.

Do not be discouraged watching more experienced players. Everyone started at your level at one point or another.